STEM Academia team organizes events

This means that our company will undertake all the work related to the preparation of the event, will consider all the technical aspects of the event to the minute details.

The events organized on a turnkey basis have a lot of advantages:

  1. 1. We guarantee the quality of work.
    2. We are 100% responsible for the result.
    3. We will help to optimize the budget related to the technical side of the event.
    4. You control the whole process of preparing the event.

Preparing an event consists of several important steps:

– Participation of our technical specialists in the development of a detailed concept and scenario of the event, coordination of the final version with you.

– Coordination of the budget of your event and preparation of preliminary and final estimates.

– Assistance (if required) in the selection of additional contractors, if necessary, and assistance in choosing a venue for your event.

– Full technical preparation of the selected site for the event, installation and configuration of the approved equipment.

– Technical support of your event from the beginning to the end!

– The dismantling of the equipment within a specified time.

We divide events into three main types: corporate, private and public.

Corporate events (Design thinking)

Design thinking is a methodology for solving engineering, business, and other problems based on a creative approach rather than analytical approach. In our opinion design thinking is an approach to creating new products and businesses, where all decisions are made on the basis of a deep understanding of the client, to which all attention is paid in the process of creating a project.

Private events (Master classes)

Organization of master classes in technical areas of STEM for children and teenagers: engineering, programming, robotics, 3D modeling. STEM Academia specialists are ready to make every effort to make your personal event unforgettable, adding a high-tech and informative “highlight”.

Public events

If there is a need for a scientific exhibition or Olympiad, our experts will be happy to help! Organization, development of regulations, provision of equipment and specialists-all this is an integral part of any significant event and all this is the strength of STEM Academia. Our experience allows us to provide technical support for large-scale events, including those at the international level.

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