STEM Academia provides a wide range of services and solutions for organizations.

To improve the efficiency of the corporate resource STEM Academia offers its solution: Design thinking. It is a methodology for solving engineering, business, and other problems based on a creative approach rather than analytical approach. In our opinion design thinking is an approach to creating new products and businesses, where all decisions are made on the basis of a deep understanding of the client, to which all attention is paid in the process of creating a project.

We also offer solutions in the field of event management.

This means that our company will undertake all the work related to the preparation of the event, will consider all the technical aspects of the event to the minute details.

We divide events into three main types: corporate, private and public.

Corporate events (Design thinking)

Private events (Master classes)

Public events

And last but not least — Professional development of teachers. One of the main directions of STEM Academia is professional development of teachers in STEM and IT directions. To the present day, more than 500 teachers have been trained not only in Kazakhstan, but also in other countries of the world!

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