STEM – Olympiad

About the Olympiad

The goal of the Olympiad is to create conditions for the development of the research potential of intellectually gifted students of educational organizations in Astana. At each stage of the Olympiad, children design, build and develop products of modern industry. Once students study a case-project they will have an opportunity to independently build a real prototype mechanism.


To participate in the Olympiad, you must register – fill out an application form for participation (according to Appendix 1) in full, correctly and reliably and go through a competitive selection process to pass to the main round of the Olympiad.

Stage 1: Preparatory work. Registration of participants

  • Launch online registration to participate in the Olympics
  • Announcements about the competition will be in the schools of Astana
  • After registration of participants, participants will be sent “homework” – the first task at the Olympiad that participants will have to solve before the Olympiad and bring their decision to the test in the form of a video uploaded to

Stage 2. Selection of participants.

  • Formation and preparation of tasks for competitive selection
  • Distribution of tasks to participants (teams).
  • Participants of the competition will receive a task for the evaluation stage after registering their team on website
  • The selection will take place online through social platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. ), where participants must complete the task (create a Goldberg machine) and record the work process in the form of a video clip. The clip is to be uploaded into Instagram under the hashtag # STEM_Olympiad_Astana and note the organizers (@ Astana.innovations and @ stem_center )
  • To participate students need to register on the organizer’s website, upload the video to YouTube and share the link to the video on the registration website. Works without shared links will not be considered in the competition
  • Also, participants will have to write the name of the school, full name of participants, emails and classes. Registration and video uploading ends October 15, 2018.

Video Requirements:

  • The video should be shot in good quality with good lighting.
  • The video should not exceed more than 2.5 minutes in length (2 minutes 30 seconds maximum length).
  • The video should not contain profanity.
  • Precautions and safety precautions must be observed when creating a project.

Video examples are below

Challenge accepted!

Register, familiarize yourself with the rules, create a project, upload a video and go ahead – to victory!
1.Large-scale competition. The brightest minds of Astana schools will gather to test knowledge.

2. Incredible experience.. The competition, which has no precedent in our country, takes the Olympiad to a qualitatively new level.

3. Valuable prizes. The participants of the event will compete with each other for LEGO and MakeBlock robot kits, as well as the main prize – a 3D printer!

Main areas


Robotics Olympiad aims to ensure that students begin to apply the knowledge acquired in other courses: to assemble their own robots from wood, plastic, motors from radio tape recorders, etc. and program them by setting specific action parameters. This stage of the competition encourages children to work on the basis of Lego robots. This stage allows students to build real mechanisms and prototypes of specific projects and check the success of work in competitions with other teams.

3D modeling

The Olympiad in 3D modeling combines elements of all three directions, as well as teaches the basics of drafting and architectural engineering. Prototypes created in engineering mathematics and robotics can be digitized in 3D space using Autodesk 123d, Sketch Up, SolidWorks, etc. These programs provide an opportunity to make a detailed analysis of the models and virtual simulation of specific conditions. It can also be used to create various parts on a 3D printer.


The programming stage consists of several languages. Each of the languages has its own peculiarity and main purpose. The youngest programmers can work with Scratch, but older children will already use Python, Java, JavaScript, PhP, C Sharp, Web programming, C ++. By completing the programming contest, students will be able to write programs for complex simulations and calculations. And also, learn the basics of arithmetic, combinatorics, probability theories, and other mathematical applications.


The area of technical activity, which includes a number of specialized areas and disciplines, aimed at the practical application and application of scientific, economic, social and practical knowledge in order to convert natural resources for human benefit.


20 October

Lyceum school №66

Time: 9.00


Exactly a year ago, the main event in the scientific and educational sphere of Kazakhstan took place – the first in the history of STEM Olympiad! On October 28, 2017, the strongest teams of schools in the city competed in the practical application of their knowledge of physics, programming and robotics!


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