STEM Platform is a digital platform for education in secondary schools in STEM and IT areas.

In Kazakhstan, there are more than 1,500 IT offices, including robotics, but its potential is realized by no more than 20%.

As can be seen from the graph, the main reason for this problem is the lack of qualified specialists. Due to the rapid development of IT and technical areas of knowledge of teachers quickly become obsolete.
At the same time, when changing the teacher, the IT office is forced to stand idle, due to the lack of a training program and the inability to instantly change personnel.

As a result of the above reasons, there are a number of problems: the idleness of expensive IT and robotics classrooms, the lack of children’s research projects and preparation for scientific and technical competitions. These problems have a negative effect on the school’s rating, on the education program and, most importantly, on the potential of children, future specialists of Kazakhstan!

After studying this issue, the STEM Academia production Center offers its own solution to this problem!

STEM Academia offers the most advanced and innovative solution for secondary schools. Our platform includes a full cycle of training your teachers and an extensive program for training children in all technical areas, making your IT and robotics classroom the first and very big step for your students towards world-class education

STEM Platform offers a methodology for teaching the basics of engineering mathematics, programming, robotics, 3D modeling, both online and offline. This platform will enable school teachers to prepare their students for international competitions, and also allow them to realize the full potential of IT and robotics classrooms and develop the country’s human capital!

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